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Handclasps and Family Casting

Adult casting and handclasps 

We can create casts of adult’s individual hands as well as 2 adults holding hands in our beautiful handclasp castings. A perfect way to celebrate love for one another, an engagement, wedding or anniversary, or to hold on to the memory of a loved one forever. 

We are able to create handclasp casts with two adults, or an adult and a child. All casts are protected and sealed to enable handling of the casts and plinth displays are available.

Handclasp 2 adults - £160

Handclasp adult and child - £150

Family Castings 

We can cast families of up to 5 people as a showstopping freestanding piece.

We request children are 5 years or older for this kind of casting as it requires those being casted to hold a rehearsed position for up to 3 minutes.

Family Cast 3 people - £210

Family Cast 4 people -  £260

Family Cast 5 people - £310

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